How to get your paper published in a journal: Some tips to follow

Writing a magnum opus verbatim article is not an easy task. It demands a lot of efforts. Alongside, creating a valuable and worthy content will not suffice the purpose alone. You need to get it published as well which is a highly competitive task owing to the strict compliance of the journals.

There are some basic steps that you should follow while you seek to publish your literally work in an impact factor journal.

Choose the topic which adds on to the pre-existing knowledge

While you write a paper, it is very important to choose the topic intelligently. Choose the one which is new-fangled and will add the substance to the in-flow knowledge. When a journal founds that you are trying to bring something fresh yet verified content, it develops an interest in you more and your chances to get a place in its next publication increases by manifolds.

Stick to the standard format

When you stick to the standard format prescribed by the internal standards, you actually make your work more sound and considerable. Every impact factor journal provides you with an approved format for writing and expects you to stick to it by all means.

Make sure that your findings are verified and relevant

There is no point to write an article with irrelevant and unverified findings. It is very important to keep you finding in-line with the context and topic. The in-built relevancy between the topic, content, and finding increases the viability and credibility of your content and makes it an ideal piece of work for publication. Your findings should be clear and should sit as per the wider scholarly landscape. You are not writing for a single people. You are writing for the entire research community. Thus, your findings should be relevant to the global scholar, scientist, and the research community.

Take the help of peer review

When you submit your article with any journal for publication, it is recommended to go for a peer-review process. It is a process where the journal will allot a dedicated panel of veterans of the respective field to review your work. Getting your work reviewed by peers and experts of the field is one of the most reliable ways to testify your work. When you opt for a peer review, you actually choose to polish your work with the help of others’ astuteness. It is a known fact that not a single person knows everything. Alongside, no two minds think in a similar manner. The peer review process provides you a different tangent and perspective of your work which was missed by you. It basically increases the credibility and reliability of your work.

Peer-reviewed journals like assure you that your article will be published as per the industry’s best practice.  It is a peer-reviewed journal which encourages the literally work in the field of Pharmacognosy to promote the herbal drug formulation. It carefully examines and screens the manuscripts by its expert’s panel through a peer-review process. With this, it establishes that fact that your work is one-of-its-kind and adds up substantial value to the research field.

Built a pro-active and positive approach towards the feedback

When you send your article for publication, it goes from a thorough review process. Once you get the expert’s feedback, make sure that you take them positively and amend the content accordingly. These comments come from the experts of the relative field and provide you with a different aspect of your findings. Stick to the facts and feedback provided by the reviewers. It will only increase the veracity of your content.