How to improve the citation and publication standards of a journal?

Journal publication is considered as one of the best ways to integrate intelligence and scientific development over a single platform. They bear a great responsibility to build a knowledge base which can be easily referred, endorsed, and recommend for the purpose of the technological advancement. The impact factor of a journal is a major deciding aspect which decides the integrality and credibility of the journal.  The more citations and references a journal gets the more reliable it is considered in the scholar and researcher syndicates.

Here are some ways to improve the content quality, citation frequency and publication quality of any journal that the editors and publication heads came to bring to practice and improve its impact factor.

Find the referees of repute

It is very essential to find the reviews that have already go some of their publications done in some journals of international standards. As the reviewer has already published with reputed journals, he must be well-informed about the international standards and impact the same in your journal by default. All his inputs would be analyzed based on international standards and will surely provide the right insight about the loopholes and scope of improvement in the article.

 Ask for reliable resources to validate the data and check the methodology thoroughly

The core of any research lies in the methodology and its finding. To improve the quality of the publication, it is suggested to inspect the methodology used thoroughly. Journals who pay don’t much heed to the methodology used by the author often publish an article which has no relevance in the real-time world. A lot of concepts are viable in theory but fail its purpose in practical life. to establish the viability of the research work, it’s very essential to testify to the relevancy of the work.  You can hire any data specialist to validate the findings or hire a reviewer who has added the advantage of data analysis as well.

Publish separate journals from a different branch

The very purpose of a journal publication is to augment the research work of any respective field by providing relevance and verified content for reference. To achieve this, it is very essential for any journal to reach our respective research and scholar group. If you publish all the articles related to the different field in the same journal, you actually reduced your visibility. Henceforth, your journal will get low citations.  To eliminate this, you should publish separate journals for the separate branch.

You should develop a user-friendly approach

In today’s digital epoch, very few professionals are there who opt for a printed journal. Building a web-based platform with open access system is the need of the hour. An online journal platform allows any journal to reach out to the targeted community easily. Alongside, an online platform will make you accessible for the international scholar, researcher, and scientists’ community. Your journal will not be restricted by boundaries. It will available for all.

Cut down your evaluation time

You should try to keep the article evaluation time to a minimum. This is crucial from the point for timely submission. You should maintain a constant time frame for the submission and stick by it without fail. It ensures the rapid growth of your journal. Keep a transparent time frame and announce it on the online platform. Above all, keep your publications timings as per the demands and need of the authors.