Open Access Publishing & its Benefits

By eliminating the monetary and legal obligation from a journal, open-access publishing has come up as a boon for both authors and publishers alike. While choosing an open access journal, an author gains an ability to get the right amount of exposure for its literary work, it is equally propitious for a publishing house as it makes them capable to establish themselves as an impact factor journal.

The practice has already gained much name and fame amongst the global research, scholar, and educational communities across the globe owing to its widespread, easy, functional, and cost-effective dissemination of knowledge and information.

What is Open Access Publishing?

Open Access Publishing is the practice to create a soft copy of any journal and make it available for any reader across the globe via the internet. The process removes any sort of monetary and legal restriction over the scholarly material and makes it readily available for the reference purpose. Though the content is free from any access limitations, the credit, and the authority remains to the author and publication house only.

The main purpose of any research is to serve the researcher, and scholar community at utmost extent. But, some essential legal and monetary restrictions hinder the process. This is the situation where the impact of the open access journal is deep-rooted. When a journal provides an open access to the readers, it basically mends the way for rapid, unbound, and hassle-free accessibility of the related knowledge and information.

Benefits of the open access publishing

Open access publishing is not only cost-effective and easy, it comes with varied direct and indirect benefits attached to it. Whether we talk about the authors or the publication house, it is rewarding in many senses for both. Some of the major benefits of OA journals can be stated as:

Duty-free access

With the help of an OA journal publishing, a publication house basically acquaint the scholar community with a duty-free access to the database. This process either imposes very little or complete wave off any cost factor from the access to the journal. Henceforth, more and more audience will be able to acknowledge the journal and use it for citations and reference purpose. The reach of the journal towards the audiences increases by manifolds and establish the viability and dependability of the journal. As far as authors perspective are concerned, when their literary work is readily obtainable, they get the right amount of reorganization and acknowledgment.

It augments the research work

When any literary work is readily and easily available, the research development is likely to get augmented directly. Scholars can easily use them for references and increase the rate of research developmental. There are cases where many kinds of research lose their significance in absence of proper research work to support the innovation. The impact of open access journal is quite commendable in this aspect. The open access journal allows readers from any corner of the world to gather the relative and essential knowledge base to formulate the drugs and other innovations. Thus, more innovations are going to take place.

The high citation

Citations are more than necessary for any journal as it establishes the dependability and credibility of the journal. An open access publishing endows the journal and ability to augments their citation frequency. When a journal is free from any monetary and legal abiding, researchers, scholars, and scientists across the world are likely to take reference more from it rather than a paid journal. Thus, you will experience a high surge in the citation frequency. The degree of impact in citation can easily vary from 6%-600%. Yes, you read it right. An open access journal can get 600% more citation than its paid contemporary. The difference is too huge to overlook. High citations not only beneficial for the journal but also authors as well. The number of citations is under the name of an author, the more is its credibility.

It is cost effective

When there is n printing, typing, proofreading and editing are involved, the cost of an open access journal is comparatively very less over a hard copy of the same journal. In addition, it is eco-friendly also. Wasting trees for a task that can be done digitally does not sound intelligent.

It is fast

Disseminating the knowledge and database via the internet is comparative prompt and quick over a hard version of the same. Nowadays, all the authors write all their articles and research papers on the laptop itself. Once they are done with their final work, they can make it available then and there only without wasting a single minute. The fast and rapid dispersion of the knowledge, directly and indirectly, encourage the research expansion, establish the author’s prominence, and help journals to contribute the conversance quickly.

 It enhances the perceptibility of a journal

With the help of an open-access journal, you can easily increase your visibility. Once you decide to opt this publication maneuvering, you can easily do free of active marketing of your journal on the various social media platform. This guarantees that your journal is getting into publics’ eyes and hence you will endure high readership. Researchers and authors who choose open access journals for a publication can be assured for the fact that their work will be acknowledged well and in right manner. It brings you international exposure and reorganization without spending much in this direction.

It puts a cap on research duplication

When you prefer an open access journal for the publication, you can be assured that your research work will not be taken up by someone else. Usually, the open access journals take the might help of various high-end tools and software to ensure that no work has been plagiarized. They ensure that the work has been used only for reference purpose only. This way, open access journal stops the malpractice of research duplication.

The impact of open access publishing is eclectic and constructive at various levels. Choosing it over non-access journal substantiate you for the right and proper channelization of your literary work.